About us

Welcome to kennel Desert Queen


How our story began? My name is Mojca Svetličič from Slovenia. Since from the beginning, from the day I remember I was nuts on animals. My first animal was turtle, then came hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, cats,……and finally with 9 years my biggest wish came true: I got a dog.

It was a poodle who needed a lot of grooming and so my ‘dog career’ started. When I went to study to Ljubljana at Biotechnical Faculty, Zootehnical department I bought my next dog: pure breed female Lhasa Apso. With that dog I started to visit dog shows and established my first kennel with name Song Pan. After few years I was regular show visitor with my Lhasa Apsos dogs, breeder and groomer. At shows I had the opportunity to realize how big the world of different breeds is. And one day, at one show I saw an Italian greyhound.

It was a love at first sight and I knew I have to have this breed. So the searching for right dog started. It was not easy as there were not a lot of IGs around especially not in Slovenia. As I wanted a good dog – a female for breeding, I finally came to Aldo Cerletti, kennel Vertragus. After a lot of time, many emails and sooo many questions, Aldo offered me an adult female Vertragus Tuscia which is a perfect foundation bitch to start my own breeding.

Years go by, I finished my school and graduated, I am running my own grooming salon and of course some other Igs come into my life. After some first IG litters, me and my dearest partner Simon who is helping me all along, decided to devote only to Italian greyhound breed and so change our first kennel name in to Desert Queen. For all my happiness with these wonderful breed I must thanks to my Simon who understand and share my passion, to Aldo Cerletti who gave me an opportunity to start my own quality breeding and to all who guide me at the beginning of my breeding and to the friends I made along this way.

Mojca and Simon, Kennel Desert Queen, Slovenia.