If You are interested in a puppy from our kennel do not hesitate to contact us :).

When sending us an email, please introduce Yourself, where are You from, will this be Your first dog and what kind of a dog are You looking for (showing, breeding or pet/companion dog). We do not answer on anonymous e-mails and e-mails with the only question about the price of a puppy.

Our goal is to breed healthy, mentally strong Italian greyhounds with character and beauty, which will bring joy to Your life. All our dogs used in our breeding program have breeding license and are healthy checked (Heart-Doppler test, knees and eyes exam). Puppies have pedigree, microchip, euro passport, are puppy vaccinated, dewormed and healthy checked (also heart Doppler test) before leaving our home. All our puppies are raised in our home as our family members, they are learned going out to toilet, they are good socialized, they are used of car traveling, other dogs and people, nails cutting, used of collars and leashes and are already familiar with all the sounds of the household. With all of our puppy buyers we will share our knowledge of how to raise Your puppy properly and will be available to them and their questions all along dog’s life.

Desert Queen puppies1 Desert Queen puppies2
Teaching a puppy to sit down :)                                      Collar and leash training :)

Desert Queen puppies3 Desert Queen puppies4
Teaching puppy to walk in a rain :)

Desert Queen puppies5 Desert Queen puppies6
Teaching puppies to drive in a car :)                                      Playing outside :)

Desert Queen puppies7 Desert Queen puppies8
Having fun in a pool :)                                           Having fun with dog tunnel :)